beauty, hope and how they fit together

Your patience means the world to me!! I took a short hiatus from blogging, but I missed it so much! Mostly because I got an iPhone and I barely use my laptop anymore…sad. Here’s a quick update on my life 🙂 My gorgeous daughter turned 1yr old!! She had a butterfly princess party, and ate her first dessert…a Gluten Free Vanilla cupcake, baked by the one and only Kathrine Kunde.



After that came my birthday! I turned 22yrs old! I had a wonderful family birthday dinner at Anselmo Vineyards and then a great party with my girl friends 🙂





I feel like every month I learn something new…every month holds a lesson/reminder of what God wants me to grow from. This particular month I have been finding new areas of beauty and hope! Things I never considered beautiful, are suddenly stunning in my eyes. Places I thought I could never find hope, are now overflowing with restoration and promise! Let’s tackle the subject of BEAUTY first.


What is beautiful? What isn’t beautiful? I try to make my list of things that are beautiful, larger than the list of things that aren’t! Especially when viewing myself, friends, or family. Beauty and self esteem are a tricky subject, and surprisingly enough, over 78% of the human race view themselves as NOT beautiful! This statistic is based on a general poll. Can you believe that?! Our incredible species has somehow found it so difficult to recognize their own beauty. Why?!? My personal opinion is as follows: Being able to recognize our own personal beauty is hard because it has very little to do with our actual appearance, and everything to do with self value. Valuing ourselves is a decision we need to make daily! Valuing your life as being perfect and gorgeous is an act of worship. Why did God say that He formed us out of His own image? I believe He said that to remind us…it’s not possible for us to not be beautiful!! It’s so rude to think horrible thoughts about yourself, and then worship the Lord and tell Him how perfect He is! Everything He created was perfect…therefore you = perfect! A simple mathematical equation. I also believe that the more beautiful you think you are, the more beautiful you actually will look. It’s a scientifically proven fact that people who viewed themselves as good looking had more of a glow to their skin and a brightness in their eyes. Those who viewed themselves as ugly and hopeless had duller skin and darker circles rimming their eyes. So here is where HOPE comes along…

Give a person hope and watch their outlook change before your very eyes! Those same exact people who viewed themselves as ugly, were then repeatedly told how beautiful they looked. They were given verbal exercises that they read out loud about themselves. After just 2 days of constantly hearing and speaking about their self worth, they started to believe it for themselves! And wouldn’t you know, their skin brightened dramatically and their eyes took on a new sparkle.


Why do we want to feel beautiful? It is a natural and holy emotion! No, not conceited or haughty. The Bible clearly states that acknowledging your own beauty is a rejuvenating process!

Psalm 34:5 says, “Those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.” How could you be ashamed of your appearance if you’re acknowledging the fact that God made you?!

Psalm 139:14, “I praise You, I know that I am fearfully and beautifully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Hello?!?! Your SOUL should know how perfectly He created everything, therefore how perfectly He created you!


I challenge you, oh gorgeous friends, to take the time to tell yourself the things that make you beautiful! Look in that mirror and recognize who you are. Examples:

“I have such perfect collarbones! Wow…they are so beautiful and I look prestigious and poised because of them!”

“My nostrils are the shape of little hearts…how cute am I?!”

“My hair is so bouncy and soft, who needs Tresemme??!

It will most definitely feel ridiculous, and yes, it is pretty cheesy. But it’s worth the results!! If you need a self esteem boost, the goofy act of talking to yourself is bound to make you feel better, in itself 😉


Your second challenge is to encourage someone else! Fill them with hope, remind them of their worth, and take the time to call out the gold in their lives. It’s so easy to keep your thoughts buried in your head, instead of exposing them out loud.


Have a wonderful time feeling beautiful!







Lyss’ Blog Post Book Pick: God Loves Ugly by Christa Black


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