Find out what you want in life, and learn how to ask for it.

The past week has been a whirlwind of emotions, but life seems to send me in spirals continually, so I shouldn’t be surprised! Lately, my days are filled with productivity and it feels so great to be actively pursuing things I want. I have been learning about living a proactive lifestyle. No, not the acne medicine! 😉

A proactive lifestyle demands your attention! It requires you to claim who you are, and spend your days being just that. Every Thursday I meet my friend Becky Johnson for iced coffee and lunch at the Jesus Culture offices.

The topic of discussion inspired me to write this very blog. Becky had a desire to be involved in ministry with Jesus Culture, and 3 years later she’s an employee! She volunteered at events, interned under one of the leaders, and kept pursuing something her heart wanted. Learning how to ask for what you want is hard. It’s easy to write christmas lists for your parents or friends, and normally you get exactly what you asked for. It’s also easy to journal to God asking Him to make things happen. The hard part is asking people around you to help catapult things in motion! Sometimes, all it takes is learning how to ask a friend or leader for help and they will probably surprise you. It all comes down to courage, faith, and confidence in who you are.

Last week I found out that I got accepted into a Pilates Certification School in New York! Want to know how that happened?? I asked my friends and family for help and support, and now I’m on the fast track to teaching classes here in Redding!

My incredibly wise dad is a Pastor at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, CA. Growing up he always encouraged me to go after what I wanted and take nothing less than the best. He taught me how to be a princess, and see myself as a princess as well. There is a difference once you realize who you are. One of the most inspiring things he ever said to me still resonates in my thoughts daily! I plan to use this simple reminder in my daughters life as well.

Why would you eat crumbs off of the floor, when you can sit at the Master’s table and eat the feast?

It’s so simple, yet entirely profound! I can’t settle for anything less than the best because it’s obviously right there in front of me! Even if what’s already been promised as yours isn’t in your hands yet, approach life like it is! Put a spring in your step and a smile on your face 🙂


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