Hello Friends, Welcome to my life!

I invite you to walk into my life! I think that blogs should be vulnerable and honest, so if you’re looking for the real dirt on Alyssa Quilala, here it is! I decided to start a blog because I have a massive desire to write a book one day, hopefully sooner than later. Although, I haven’t decided what I want to write it about. So for now, this blog will be a mash up of my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and experiences. If all goes as planned I will potentially have a subject for my book soon!

For those of you who aren’t involved in my daily life, here’s a quick run through of what’s going on with me!

I’m 21. I grew up in Los Angeles, CA with my gorgeous sister Carly, raised by my amazing parents Dante and Darlene. I got married July 12th, 2009 to my perfect husband Chris Quilala. I bought a house with Chris on April 29th, 2010. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Ella Amarise on May 7th, 2010. I have the most faithful and encouraging friends. My life is all around awesome.

This past week I got to meet up for coffee with my friend and spiritual covering Erica G. She finally got to meet my little Ella Q 🙂

I have a HUGE value in my life for relationships, and I am constantly learning how to cultivate them. It’s so easy to let my days, weeks and months go by without connecting with the people I love. Erica has always been able to really see me and when I spend time with her she draws out the gold in me. I learn so much from her! Sadly, she lives 8 hrs away! Some points from our uplifting coffee date include:

1. Serve! Whether it’s your job, your friendships or your family…serve, serve, serve! When I feel disconnected or far away from something/someone that I value, I find relationship in giving.

2. Pray! I have never said a prayer in my entire life without tears springing to my eyes. There is so much that happens in a single prayer that is bigger than the words spoken…whether you see the result of what you’re praying for or not. The main reason why I pray is because of my heart. It makes me feel alive in who I am and draws out the deepest parts of my being. I learn so much about myself in prayer all because I’m learning about God. If I know who He is, I know who I am. Simplicity.

3. Invest! When you take time to invest in something that you care about, your identity will spark and thrive. Find out what your passionate about and fight for it! It’s so easy as a busy wife and mother to forget about things that are important to me. If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a mom it’s that MY TIME MATTERS! It’s ok to be “selfish” and want things for yourself. The truth is, it’s not selfish at all. When you value yourself, you can better value your husband, your children and people close to you. For me, I’m investing my time into Pilates. I want to be a Pilates Instructor and my goal is to be certified by April 🙂

Here’s to the beginning of something great! I’m off to bed.


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