New York!

It’s been so long since I’ve written, and I apologize for that! The past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind! I packed up my baby Ella and hopped on a plane to New York City to attend a program for Pilates Mat Certification. Say hello to your friendly neighborhood Pilates Instructor!! I passed a 2 week intensive of Anatomy and Physical Therapy along with Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Mat Work. Most people have asked why I went all the way to New York City, to which my answer is simply…WHY NOT?! I have been training for 10 months in core strength and endurance with the goal of becoming a Pilates Instructor. When I felt I accomplished the required strength, I found an amazing school called Core Pilates NYC  and went to work! Done and done, baby.


The subject of this blog needs to be about one thing and one thing only. ENDURANCE. 

Endurance manifests itself in so many different areas of life. It’s important to condition your heart and mind to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Here are a few examples of how I’ve been conditioning myself:


— Emotional Endurance

— Physical Endurance

— Relational Endurance

— Spiritual Endurance

Emotionally, I try to stay off of roller coasters! Keeping your thoughts at a consistent pace, relaxing your heart before God, and releasing the tension from your days helps to make your daily rides smooth. By keeping your thoughts at a consistent pace, I mean…don’t freak out in your head!!! Take control of your mind and don’t get overwhelmed! Balance your emotions by stopping yourself from finding negativity, and search vigorously for optimism!!


Physically, I keep myself healthy and strong. I believe that when God said, “Your body is a temple”, He meant it in the most literal sense. I choose to eat foods that are not processed or chemically altered, and I enjoy it! I try to eat food in its most natural and organic state, the way God created it to be. I chose Pilates as my form of exercise because it promotes total body health. Not only do you achieve long and lean muscles, you also strengthen your spine and joints for overall vitality.


Relationally, it takes a lot to be a friend! Love shouldn’t have to be an effort, but sometimes it is. Forgiveness and not taking offense are some qualities that need upkeep. Give your friends and family the benefit of the doubt before assuming the worst. Love always thinks the best! When conflict arrises, stop and think before speaking. Check your heart for offense, and choose to speak in love. A soft answer will always turn away wrath!!


Spiritually, go deeper! Find your ability to accomplish all of the above listed by connecting yourself to the One who holds peace. Take time to find where God is in each situation, and don’t let anything stop you. It’s true, our days are so busy! Time goes by so fast, but the only way to see optimal results in your daily life is to start here. Bill Johnson spoke one sunday morning at Bethel Church about supernatural sleep. Your day starts with your sleep! I take my time with God every night before I go to bed, so that I can align my dreams with heaven and wake up refreshed in the Holy Spirit. Ready to take on the world!




Here’s a few photos of my trip to New York! Enjoy!





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