6 easy tips for clearer skin!

Want to see an improvement in your skin? Try these simple steps!

1. Sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail or topknot! Conditioner, hairspray, shine sprays, and pomades all can clog your pores if touching your face.

2. Change your pillowcase weekly! Your head sweats and secretes oils. Don’t blame your moisturizer if you wake up with break outs!

3. Don’t over-exfoliate your skin! While its super important to slough off dead skin for a fresh look, try to limit it to every 3-5 days. Over-exfoliating can cause skins natural sebum to over-produce, creating more acne and blemishes than you started with!

4. Get a cardio workout in! Cardio activities such as running, powerwalking, swimming, and spinning promote blood circulation. By increasing blood flow, your skin gets oxygenated and detoxifies against free radicals. Hence, waking up to a brightened complexion the next day.

5. Don’t touch your face! Through out the day, your hands touch more germs than you’re even aware of. Those germs can coat your face in bacteria creating enlarged pores and pimples. Remember to always wash your hands before touching your face and try to not let your spouse or loved ones touch your face either 😉

6. Drink lemon water. Water flushes your organs of impurities, Lemon naturally provides alkaline for the body, giving a nice glow to your skin. Also, Try rubbing fresh raw lemon juice on your skin with a cotton ball as a toner every once in a while.
Go and Glow!


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