Easiest Makeup Contour!

Do I contour? YES! I feel like my makeup is bland and incomplete if I don’t! I’ve tried a few of the normal techniques, but ran into a few issues!

** Ain’t nobody got time for THAT. Some contouring takes forever and I usually have about 5-20min to spend on my makeup.

** Using concealers to contour makes me breakout with lame pimples. I’ve never used a concealer on my skin that doesn’t give me breakouts, I use concealer only on my under eye circles.

** Contouring tips online leave me looking like an Atlanta Pageant Queen. I need a subtle day time look!


Soooo I developed my own routine. Granted, I’m no makeup artist, and this is trial and error for me. I’ve always loved makeup, and before I had my kiddos I used to work at a few beauty supply stores which required some make up application training. All you beauty gurus out there, I’m not claiming to be an expert, this is just HOW I DO!

Processed with Rookie

In the above photo is my face without any foundation, this is just the contouring. I start with my primer (usually Tarte Poreless or Tarte BBcream primer) I contour with bronzer and a foundation shade one lighter than my current skin tone. The practicality in that is no matter what I always have 2 foundation colors, my winter shade and summer shade when I have more of a tan. I use my lightest foundation as my highlighter!

1. *Contour* Bronzer (I used Tarte Amazonian Clay Mineral Bronzer)

2. *Highlighter* Foundation in a shade lighter than my current skin tone (I used BareMinerals Original Foundation Fairly Light)

Using simple contour brushes (I like RealTechniques Brushes), I blend them in. It takes me about 3min! Then I blend my normal foundation color (BareMinerals Original Foundation Light) over with a powder brush. Then my blush (BareMinerals Giddy Pink), followed by favorite setting powder for a glowy look (BareMinerals Pure Radiance)

I have used BareMinerals for 10yrs, and I will never sway away! I attribute my clear skin to their Original Foundation…any time I try anything else I break out. Sometime I use Illuminare Concealing Foundation if I need more coverage, and that’s the only other foundation I’ve ever found that my skin doesn’t react to. Yes, I have clear skin, but it’s definitely blemish prone with many other foundations!

There ya have it, my quick contouring! Be sure to post comments below or on @fitmamaq on instagram for more blog requests! Let me know what you want to read about! Use #fitmamaq if you try any of my tips!



One thought on “Easiest Makeup Contour!

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