Influence someone today!

There has never been a time in my life where I doubted that God wanted to use me to impact another persons life. No matter what, I always remind myself that I have impacted 1 person, and that 1 person is worth so much to God. I feel empowered knowing that God used me to influence just 1 person. The simple act of saying what you mean to say and doing what you mean to do can be life altering for someone else! What could be more simple and easy than BEING REAL!? Your perspective of yourself is a direct response of what’s going on in your mind and thoughts. If your perspective is negative and full of self-doubt, then your mind will be constantly bombarded by those irrational thoughts! I posted on Instagram about a situation where I got to pray for a co-worker and provide an outlet for her to encounter God. I simply asked, “How about you tell me one thing that you need prayer for?” She completely melted and after I prayed she said, “Wow I didn’t know prayer could feel like this…I don’t even know if I believed in God until this exact moment.” I took the initiative to find out what was going on in her life, I left behind my own insecurities, and took a step away from my responsibilities and stress to be able to focus in on what God wanted for this woman. How can you impact someone else, how can you empower them to see their greatness, how can you encourage them to walk in their call from God if you can’t even view yourself positively?? I want to show you that saving a generation, leading them to hope that is alive in knowing Christ, and seeing lives healed starts in the wholeness of our mental health. All great men and women in history, the ones who we read about in history books, have something in common. Most of them never saw the fruit of their influence… they did what they did to leave a legacy for people they would never see. They had vision for knowing even a small act could make a difference, even though they never saw themselves in history books. I believe that every day I’m an influence, and because of that belief I’m aware of HOW I influence. I can either make a difference for better or for worse, and I choose to make it for the better! Soooo shine bright, know who you are, know your strengths in Christ, and help save a generation by being YOU!


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