Maximize your Fat Loss

The need to shed fat is more common than not, and even if you’re “skinny” chances are that you have “skinny fat”. Loosing fat and gaining muscle can be tricky, but very possible with consistency and dedication to your goal. Gaining muscle is something that some women seem to be so afraid of, but muscle speeds up your metabolism and helps us digest foods accurately. We all know to do your cardio, lift some weights, change your eating habits to healthier foods. What about when you’re not seeing the results you want? Check through a few of these pointers, sometimes the most simple of change is needed!

  • Change up your workouts! Increase weights. Target different muscle groups every time, and try different cardio machines. Speed up your run, add intervals, and add resistance! Do you like to run outside? Try skipping in intervals! You may feel ridiculous, but it’s a great glute toner since running doesn’t do much to strengthen the buns πŸ˜‰
  • Try adding 1-2 extra hours of sleep to your night. I notice a dramatic reduction of even water weight when I sleep longer! Sometimes it means going to bed ridiculously early, but it’s so good for you health, and studies have proven continuously that people who sleep longer retain less fat!
  • Drink lots and lots and lots of water! I start my day with 16oz water on an empty stomach before eating. This provides better digestion, kick starts your metabolism, promotes bowel elimination, and reduces belly bloat. I also add 1tbs Unfiltered Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to sparkling water every day. I don’t taste it in refreshing sparkling water at all! This is a great natural metabolism booster and detox agent…actually the health benefits from ACV are endless!
  • Don’t skip meals! Eat breakfast within 1-2hrs of waking up. Don’t wait until your stomach growls to eat, this causes your body to think it’s starving! Our bodies are designed to have a protection mechanism and we will store fat in cause of famine. Thanks God for protecting us from famine, but in America that’s a rare occurence. So, eat a small meal just before you feel tummy rumbles. For me, this is usually every 3hrs, about 4 meals per day.
  • Whenever you catch a free minute, drop and give me 20! Seriously! Whether it’s 20 pushups, 20 bicycle crunches, or 20 squats, you’ll be speeding up your metabolism and burning an extra amount of calories. Something is always better than nothing! If you can’t make it to the gym, and don’t have time for a home workout, you definitely have 1 minute to bust it out. Who cares if you’re wearing stilettos…drop it like a squat!

3 thoughts on “Maximize your Fat Loss

  1. I’ve never heard of stomach vacuuming, but I just googled it and then tried it out! I am so excited to keep doing this to get my pre-childbirth muscles back in shape! Thank you so much for this blog!!!!

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