4 ways to get more out of your Pilates workout!

The list of celebrity women with incredible bodies (especially after having babies) is endless. I hear numerous women complain though, and say that Pilates isn’t challenging enough for them, and they didn’t see results like the celebrities claim. There are a few reasons behind that, because I can relate to those same frustrations. These are just a few celebrity women who say Pilates and Ballet Bar is their weekly workout! I see muscle, I see strength, I see definition… but I also see curves and a little bit of “fat” in the right places.

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I also see a lot of women give up on Pilates and turn to workout such as Crossfit or heavy weight lifting. While I love both those forms of exercise, I don’t believe they are as effective at toning a body while maintaining the classic curves that come with womanhood. While I think muscle is absolutely beautiful, I believe the every day womens body should have a little softness, the lengthened toned arms, and extra roundness in the buns and thighs. These are all the gorgeous qualities of a womens body that God created!! I know I’ll get a lot of heat for this post, because I know that a ton of women love the womens body building look, and as I said, I think it’s gorgeous, but it’s extremely difficult for a woman to maintain daily without going to extremes.

4 ways to get more out of your Pilates workout!


1. Don’t go to a boring, slow moving Pilates class! Majority of Pilates classes these days, especially at gyms, the teachers are NOT Pilates instructors. And most of them teach only basic workouts, that are meant for every level of strength. Before joining a gym, try their Pilates classes… look for the most challenging class and go to that one! I’ve had memberships/worked for 7 gyms, and I can honestly say I’ve only liked 1 Pilates instructor out of all those classes! So, chances are, the workouts at your gyms are not challenging enough. (Stay tuned for my workout dvds, hopefully out by the end of the year!!)

2. Try variations to make the moves more challenging. Jillian Michaels, Blogilates, and numerous other fitness gurus use Pilates foundations, but change it up to make the resistance more intense! All of my classes are basic Pilates moves, just turned into harder moves to make my muscles scream more! Add in weights, do some circuit training throughout the week. Don’t stop lifting weights! Just every thing in moderation, every thing in rotation! Try Ballet Bar…these are great ways to lengthen the muscles and build strength!

3. Diet is everything. In every exercise, you burn a lot less calories than you think you do! Workouts like Pilates on average burn about 200cal per hour (my classes burn 400cal per hour), and that’s because they don’t incorporate cardio. So the main benefit of Pilates for slender muscle is the “afterburn”. You continue to burn calories after the workout is over because muscle burns more calories than fat. Be sure to incorporate protein and vegetables all day long to get the most out of your workouts.

4. Don’t forget your cardio!! Whether you do high intensity interval cardio, or low intensity steady state cardio, JUST DO IT. Cardio activities help shed fat, and push those muscles to the limit. You’ll start to see that hard earned muscle!


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