About Me


My name is Alyssa Marie Quilala. I’m 24 years old from Sacramento, CA and I’m living the life of my dreams! I’m married to Chris Quilala of Jesus Culture, I’m a mommy to two beautiful daughters, Ella Amarise(3) and Aria Nicolette(1). I’m a certified Pilates, Yoga, and Group Fitness Instructor through ACE and AFAA. I’ve spent my entire life eating healthy, organic foods thanks to my mom, and I’m passionate about keeping those same traditions in this generation of families. I’ve been vegan, raw foodist, paleo, gluten free, grain-free and any other food term you can think of. The recipes I post are my way of showing you that you don’t need a label to eat healthy! All of my recipes are a compilation of general wellness. I believe in total body wellness– physical, emotional, spiritual. I love being able to educate, motivate and inspire people! My goal with this blog is to let you into my family, and hopefully help you find practical ways to stay healthy! Welcome to my life!